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Dheiei - 3d Turntable by TheArtillerySharks Dheiei - 3d Turntable :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 6 0 Jiko by TheArtillerySharks Jiko :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 1 0 The Witch in the Woods by TheArtillerySharks The Witch in the Woods :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 7 1 Badlands by TheArtillerySharks Badlands :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 4 0 Trees Environment Test by TheArtillerySharks Trees Environment Test :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 11 0 Mae by TheArtillerySharks Mae :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 2 2 Minotaur by TheArtillerySharks Minotaur :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 33 1 Kingston by TheArtillerySharks Kingston :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 13 0 Reaper by TheArtillerySharks Reaper :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 20 0 Pixel Man by TheArtillerySharks Pixel Man :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 5 2
In the latter days of summer
As the air choked with heat
And the yellowed grass splintered underfoot
I and my friend, despite our mothers' objections
Dug up the yard to build a kingdom
We laid its foundations
In scattered shapes and broken twigs
To envision the walls and great castle
And into the evening, crudely sculpted forms and mass
With mud and plastic spoons
But at dinner, our mothers came
And scolded the mess we had made of the yard
And stood by and watched as we trampled the earth
And flattened the walls and the castle to dust
Til the yard was no longer unsightly
Then we went in for dinner
And washed our hands of the dust of the kingdom
And later, played video games
Until our mothers came and scolded us
That we ought to do more with our time
Than to waste it in front of a screen.
:icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 4 0
Tonight, She is an absence of stars. A rim-lit mass of black occlusion shrouding distant gems of light. And as I lie amid soft swaying pines, gazing outward, I endeavor to see past Her. Certainly there is more beauty in heaven than pale regolith. Beyond milky bands of dust, infinity gleams with gaseous violets and reds; bursts of nebulous matter cycling birth and decay, birth and decay. Yet my eyes return to wander Her slender, slivered form. And I think of the countless moons among these stars—among even our sun—the flaming plumes of Io or ethane seas of Titan. Were there eyes among this void, certainly She would garner less attention than these. She is a pale and undramatic beauty, pocked and barren though never turning Her face. A promise to Man, when night descends, that the sun is not dead, but lives and reflects in her ascension. And She, ever loyal, guides it into day.
:icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 3 0
Misc Portrait by TheArtillerySharks Misc Portrait :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 1 2 Emojiman - Blue Meadow by TheArtillerySharks Emojiman - Blue Meadow :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 5 7 Emojiman Pre-Alpha Obstacle Test by TheArtillerySharks Emojiman Pre-Alpha Obstacle Test :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 12 16 Pixel Self Portrait by TheArtillerySharks Pixel Self Portrait :icontheartillerysharks:TheArtillerySharks 7 0
I'm working on a platform game tentatively titled "Emojiman". I'm hoping to release the thing as an android game within the next few months, but thought I'd share a web-based version of the thing to show off the work I've done so far (which currently amounts to a bit of pixel work and some basic game mechanics).

If you're interested in checking it out, though, you can play it here…

The controls are 'A' and 'D' to move, and 'Space' to jump. If you're on mobile, you can also move by tilting the screen left or right and tapping to jump. This can be a little buggy, though.


United States
Artistically, I tend to do a bit of everything (though not at all well, mind you). I'll generally be using this account to feature my drawings, pixel art, and 3d work.

If you're interested in hearing some of my music, feel free to browse the links below.……………


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